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"One of the most valuable experiences I had during my undergraduate time at Clemson."

— James Brewer, Former CMED Student

Simple. Fast. Flexible.

CMED's unique online system gives Clemson University undergraduates unprecedented access to physicians in the community. Our team works with AnMed Health administration to ensure students have proper clearance and that shadowing experiences are rewarding for both the student and clinician.


Our Team

CMED is currently managed by Chiara Marmolino, Ariane Chanda, and Louis Fisher. Chiara Marmolino is the senior director who are will be graduating this spring while Ariane and Louis are our junior directors who will lead the class moving forward. All three directors are planning on attending medical school.

Chiara Marmolino 

Senior Director

Ariane Chanda


Louis Fisher




CMED Founders, Matthew Bickford and Elliott Mappus.

Today's medical school admission committees want to see applicants with clinical experience. But, in the face of changing healthcare systems, these opportunities can very hard to come by. We know from experience.

CMED was established to change that. By connecting Clemson University students with AnMed healthcare providers, we hope to create meaningful clinical shadowing experiences for undergraduates and education opportunities for clinicians. These experiences will help inform students’ career choices and goals by increasing awareness of the medical field, while improving the caliber of students who represent Clemson University in the medical field.

CMED (BCHM 2070) was founded as a Creative Inquiry in 2014 by Clemson students Matthew Bickford and Elliott Mappus, both of whom are medical students today. CMED has cleared over 150 students and logged over 4,500 shadowing hours. The program accepts 10-15 students each semester, providing them access to our network of physicians. Students are then able to view the available physicians and sign up to shadow them at their office.

Students are able to take the course for up to two semesters and a summer term providing plenty of opportunities to gain clinical experience. Grades are provided based on the number of hours shadowed, journals from shadowing experiences, and an end of the year presentation.

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