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Prospective Students

General Information Meetings




CMED strives to be as transparent as possible about the selection process. All applicants must fill out a CMED application that includes a few short answer questions pertaining to his or her interest in healthcare and the course. 

We consider students that meet the following criteria:

1) Pursuing a career in medicine and planning to attend medical school. We do not consider applicants interested in other healthcare professions (nursing, PA, PT, OT, etc.). This is due to the limited availability of physicians that make this course an unrealistic route to obtain the required number of hours for other professional school programs.

2) Minimum GPA of 3.4

3) The applicant must not be a senior unless planning on taking an intended gap year.

Applicants are then considered based on thoughtfulness of short answer responses. Lowest priority is given to freshman as they have the most opportunities to get accepted in the class.

Availability is filled based on number of returning students. On average, each class consists of 25 students.

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